Design, present and manufacture furniture : Quick and easy. Either manually or using a CNC. That’s what we are specialized in.


TrunCAD Start is exactly what you need when you're working in the furniture production and want to produce conventionally. From design and presentation to production and the exchange of data with colleagues, you simply plan straight units with up to ten cabinets per unit.


No matter which furniture, the quick construction leads you easily to the  required result. Just enter dimensions and choose material and your construction is done. You print all detail drawings of your design with the exact dimensional information, so that it fits for your production for sure.


Easily plan your furniture or design a whole room. Aid your customers imagination to speed up decisions. Present in a photorealistic way from any angle right at your customers place. That's how you get your orders easily.


The exact details of all manufacturing steps provide all necessary information. Print detailed lists containing edges, surfacing, veneer, size and quantities or precisely dimensioned drawings with all details. That's how you provide clarity and speed up all  processes in the production.


The 3D export of DXF files from TrunCAD allows you to easily exchange data with all common CAD systems. This enables you  to hand the correct and complete data to architects and colleagues and ensures an optimal and smooth cooperation.