Design, present and manufacture furniture : Quick and easy. Either manually or using a CNC. That’s what we are specialized in.

Brandnew – SELL. FURNITURE. ONLINE – with TrunAPP

This way you give your customers the chance to design his dream furniture: where ever, whenever and with whomever he chooses. With one click he will get a picture and a quotation – even before the first contact to you. So you show your professional competence and generate new sales.


Plan your furniture in different room situations - in closets, roof slant cabinets, dormer closets, kitchen, bathroom furniture, office furniture, sliding wardrobes etc. Every need will be taken care for so you can get the order faster and get all data for your production directly out of TrunCAD.

Our customer M. Walter took advantage of this opportunity

dds-online: Two of 14 employees suddenly retired two years earlier than planned - for Martin Walter this was a serious problem. But he courageously used the opportunity to bring the workings of his carpentry to the forefront.

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